Tangostudio is the dance school for Argentine tango in Amsterdam, founded by Danielle Riegel. We offer (private)lessons, courses, workshops and performances for everyone who is interested in Argentine tango.

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Are you still hesitating if Argentine tango is something for you, or if you'd like to join our classes at the Tangostudio?


Watch this movie and see what our students like about our tango classes and why they are so passionate about tango now!

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Come to the Tangostudio and discover the Argentine tango, the dance that is being discovered by more and more people by it’s depth and endless variety and growing strong all over the world! Argentine tango lessons by the Tangostudio offer:


Direct fun and energy!


The lessons are active and exciting. Research shows that the amount of endorphins, adrenaline and oxytocine that are being released into your body during contact dance have an addictive effect…the healthy kind!


In our classes you make connection with others by leading AND following in the dance. You step out of your comfort zone and get to know yourself better, which leads to unforgettable experiences.



In one year ‘from Zero to Hero’. The lessons and the practical approach are focused on making you become such a good tango dancer in 1 year, that most dancers would like to dance with you.


Tango dancing can be done at many different levels of ambition and in many styles: social, artistic, competitive, professional or lifestyle. For everyone the level that he or she fits.


An investment which you will enjoy for a really really long time. Argentine tango is an improvised dance which you will never get tired of, which can also be danced to non-tango music and which gives you access to hundreds of dance partners in the Netherlands and abroad.


Tango is a dance that never gets boring! In Amsterdam and the major cities of the world you can dance tango on every night of the week: traveling becomes an adventure again therefore.

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"El tango te espera

(tango waits for you)"


Anibal Troilo

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