Introduction group class for beginners:

Try out group class for tango dancers:

Tango course The Basics - level 1: 7 weeks, 1,5 hrs p/w

Tango course The Basics - level 2: 7 weeks, 1,5 hrs p/w


Tango classes intermediate and advanced dancers, 1,5 hrs p/w:

Subscription A

Subscription B 

Subscription C


Package Plus: Subscription + private lessons with 20% reduction:

Package A+: Subscription A + 3 private lessons with 20% reduction

Package B+: Subscription B + 6 private lessons with 20% reduction

Package C+: Subsciption C + 10 private lessons with 20% reduction


Drop in class:


Bootcamp day:  6hrs lessons, incl lunch, tea/coffee, prosecco

2 bootcamp days: 12hrs lessons, incl lunch, tea/coffee, prosecco


Private lesson, 60 min: *1 person, Studio TACA, Borgerstraat 102

                                       *2 persons, Studio TACA, Borgerstraat 102 

10-class card: valid for 10 private lessons (1 lesson for free)

                                       *1 person

                                       *2 persons

Tango for 2 - an introduction to tango, 1,5 hrs   

                       Arrangement incl glass of prosecco for 2 persons                                                €99  couple                                                                     

Tango with friends - an educational afternoon, 2 lessons of 90 min, incl tea, coffee,

                                   refreshments and a glass of prosecco.                                                       €45 p/p

Tango party - a performance and introductory workshop at a private party, 

                        corporate event or wedding                                                                                   € prize on request                                   


Giftcards: scroll down for more info                                                                          € different prizes





• Discounts for tango students: extra subscription during the same period 25% reduction

• Assistent prize: advanced dancers who follow a Basic course level 1 or 2  with their dance partner only pay €50 for the entire course.

• Discount bootcamp days: If you sign up for a course directly after a bootcamp day, you receive 20% discount.

• Students receive a 20% discount when showing their student card.

• Ambassadors discount: Do you know people that you would like to introduce to tango? Take them with you to the class! If they sign up for a course or subscription, you will receive a discount of 50% on a private class.



Registration and payment


Sign up here for a course, subscription, bootcamp day, 10-class card, workshop, tango weekend or holiday.

For questions please mail to:


Tango Gift Card

Would you like to give your beloved, a family member, friend(s) or colleague(s) an special gift? Offer them the Argentine Tango Gift Card! Tango Gift Card can be used to give a uniques experience, like a bootcamp day, course or private lessons, but we can also create a beautiful and personal gift, for example:



90 min tango package for 2 people - an introduction to Argentine tango. We shall welcome you with a glass of prosecco and give you an introduction to tango and its history. Then you will experience over an hour of intensive tango lesson.


Tango with friends

2 lessons of 90 minutes. We offer you a fun and educational afternoon in our tango studio, where you learn the basic techniques and improvisation of Argentine tango. In between there is a short break with tea, coffee and refreshments, and we end the afternoon with a glass of prosecco.


Tango Party:

a performance and introductory workshop at a private party or corporate event. An inspiring and original break during a festival, opening, wedding, reception, congress or corporate event.


Check out the possibilities via the contact form.



Rules and conditions


• The student is registered when the relevant course, bootcamp day or 10-class card is paid.

• Courses, subscriptions, bootcamp days and 10-class cards are personal and can be given only after consultation with the Tangostudio and written consent to third parties.

• The fee for the course, subscription, bootcamp day or private tuition must be paid before the first lesson or bootcamp day.

• The course fee includes 21% VAT

* You may 'freeze' your subscription C or Package C+ one time during the subscription period. Your request need to be received by Tangostudio Amsterdam per mail ( the latest 1 months before.

*Subscription B or Package B+ may be payed in 2 terms: 1st term before the first lesson, 2nd term before the 4th month starts. You need to require for this by mail to Tangostudio Amsterdam:

*Subscription C or Package C+ may be payed in 3 terms: 1st term before the first lesson, 2nd term before the 4th month, 3rd term before the 7th month starts. You need to require for this by mail to Tangostudio Amsterdam:

• If cancellations are made within 3 days before a course, subscription or bootcamp day € 25 will be charged. If canceled later we charge € 50.

• Private lessons can be canceled up to 25 hours in advance. Later cancellations will result in charging of the full amount.

• Refund is not possible.

• The 10-class card or gift certificate is only valid after payment.

• The 10-class card or gift certificate is valid for 1 year.

• Staggered payments or deferred payment are only possible after consultation with the Tangostudio and after Tangostudio has agreed in writing with the payment arrangements.

• If the teacher is ill a good replacement will be ensured. Failing that, the student will be informed in due time and a suitable solution will be searched for.

• Tangostudio nor the teachers who provide lessons are ever responsible for damage and / or theft of personal property of students or visitors.

• Tangostudio and the teachers giving the classes are not responsible for personal injuries to students or visitors in any form whatsoever.

• Students and visitors of Tangostudio will follow instructions given by the management / staff and will be asked to remove themselves if they do not respond or comply with requests of Tangostudio staff.

• Tangostudio has the right to exclude people without reason from participating in a course, workshop or bootcamp day.

• Tangostudio may always cancel a course, workshop or bootcamp day if there are too few students, illness or any other reason. In case of cancellation before the start of the course, workshop or bootcamp day, the student is entitled to a refund of the full tuition. If cancellation takes place during the course, then refund will be in proportion to the classes delivered.

•  The above rules and conditions apply for all courses, boot camp days, private lessons, workshops and other activities of Tangostudio.










€180 (€15 per class)

€300 (€12,50 per class)

€440 (€11 per class)









€75 p/p,  or €135 couple

€120 p/p. or €100 couple







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