Danielle Riegel


Danielle’s life is defined by music and dance since a very young age.

At the age 12 she was admitted to the Young Talent Department of the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. After winning numerous awards at national and international competitions and a succesful solo career in the Netherlands and abroad, she was appointed as the Solo Harpist of the Residentie Orkest (The Hague Philharmonic) in 2004.


As a young girl, however, it was her dream to become a ballet dancer, and when she discovered the Argentine tango it was love at first sight.

During the ten years that she has practised Argentine tango, she has become a truly devoted dancer. She has traveled around all of Europe and to Buenos Aires to take lessons with the best Argentinian teachers.

For her, tango is a source of inspiration, growth, and enjoyment.

She has been teaching tango for more than five years now, with a lot of dedication, and she strives to convey her love for tango to her students.


She gave lessons at Cuartito Azul in Rotterdam (with Hendrik Jan van Rijswijk), at State of Tango in Utrecht (with Bas Knuttel), at Argentijnse Tango Anna Rosa (with Koos Volkers), at Tangopasion in Amsterdam, at de Tangostudio in Alkmaar and at El Compas in Haarlem (with Sebastian Coli Bazzini) and at Chassé Dance Studios in Amsterdam (with Vitor Costa).

In 2015 she founded the Tangostudio to which she commits herself with her heart and soul.

She teaches at the Tangostudio with Thomas van der Ploeg and (Argentine) guest teachers.


She completed her degrees in Music for Teaching and for Performing Arts in Amsterdam with honors and graduated cum laude for a Master at the renowned institute "Hans Eisler Hochschule für Musik' in Berlin.

In 2010 she attended a yoga teacher training and recently she completed a two-year education to become a Dance Expression teacher and Dance coach. In addition she participated in the Tango Teacher Training at El Corte.


She keeps improving her own art of tango with a lot of passion and dedication by taking workshops and participating in tango festivals.

Furthermore she develops herself as a dancer in general by taking lessons in ballet, modern dance, dance expression, African dance, belly dance, lindyhop, yoga, pilates, chi qong, somatic movements, etc.

Bart Boskaljon


After some years of dancing Ballroom, Latin and European folk, a friend of mine introduced me with the world of Argentine tango. It was love at first sight. In 2014 I started teaching weekly classes for beginners and advanced dancers. The end of that year I decided that is was time for some new input in my dancing and thus I went to Buenos Aires, the Mecca of tango. I lifted my dancing to a higher level taking classes with Moira Castellano and Pablo Rodriguez. In 2015 I did the same another time.


Everyone has a different interpretation of what tango is. That's what makes this art so beautiful. For me tango is a combination of dance, music, poetry and much more. I focus most on the dancing but do study all other aspects of tango so I'm capable of telling a full story with my dance.


I would say the dance is about the connection between two dancers, with each other, with the music and with the floor. It's not about the external looks but about how it feels inside and between the couple. This doesn't have to do anything with sensuality but with a deeper connection. It's about leading and following by listening to each other.

In the dance and my classes, I use body technique to enlarge the connection, the sensation and the fun of dancing tango.

Martin van kesteren


Martin dances Argentine tango since 2006.  “Tango inspires me to live intensely, which is why I started teaching: I want this to open up for others too”. For co-founder of Amsterdam’s well known tango crazy weekly salon Los Locos, tango has become an integral part of Martin’s life. ‘ 52 times per year on Tuesday night, and the basic plan is to dance tango  2 times per week besides that’, he laughs, ‘although family and work sometimes get in the way’. Martin managed big corporate companies and is currently working as corporate dealmaker in merger and acquisition work. “My work is also about leadership connection with people, conveying a strong sense of direction to my colleagues but making sure there is a lot of room for listening and maneuvering space too.”


 “Tango is my passion. During the first lesson I attended I knew this was my thing. I had seen professional shows and loved them but also thought they were so acrobatic that I thought this was not for amateurs. But once I got in touch with the essence of Argentine tango in milongas I was completely sold to the experience, the excitement of the dancing, meeting fascinating men and women. It is an adventure, every night”.


“I fancy all tango styles as long as they are danced with strong connection and come from a solid basic technique, without any forcing of the partner. This is true for both the predominant ‘milonguero’ style of dancing in Amsterdam, danced in close embrace, as for the more expressive open styles which can even be danced on modern, non-tango music. I like it all, depending on mood, partner and space on the dance floor. “


“I have often trained people in my work or at university either on skills like leadership, communication, negotiation or decision making. I can be very demanding for myself and my students, driven by the ambition to pass on some experience or insight that is profound and helps people to a next level of performing. When I feel I am successful in achieving this it gives me great satisfaction. Still, for a long time, I didn’t want to teach tango because I reasoned it would infringe on my own scarce dancing time. However, teaching with Danielle I have discovered that I actually learn a lot myself, opening up new possibilities. Proving the point that tango never gets boring and can always surprise you. “



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